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Ask Me Anything creates a question and answer management system for your site. It adds a floating “Ask Me a Question” button to your page, which opens up a modal box when clicked on. Your readers can submit a question and, optionally, browse through questions submitted by other people.

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Ask Me Anything modal box Single question view

Feature List

  • Insert the form directly into a page instead of adding a popup button.
  • Choose whether or not to show the questions on the front-end (you can make them private so only you can see them).
  • People who submit questions can ‘subscribe’ so they receive an email when new comments are added (so can commenters).
  • You can choose to allow up/down voting on questions or not.
  • You can customize your own statuses. Defaults are: Pending, In Progress, and Completed. But you can choose your own.
  • You can create different question categories that people can select when submitting a question.
  • Customize the labels/text.

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