Terms of Use (pre-mades)

These terms apply to all pre-made “buy now” purchases made through the website. This includes (but is not limited to), blog designs, graphics, and WordPress plugins.

Let’s make this simple…

All my products are licensed under GPL, which means you can do almost whatever you want with them. Support and automatic updates require a valid, in-date license key.

  • You can use themes and plugins on as many sites as you want.
  • You can edit the products and even remove my credit link (though you may want to keep it and sign up for the affiliate programme instead!).
  • You can get support (Monday through Friday) and automatic updates as long as you have a valid, in-date license key.
  • Support is provided for setting up the product in its default state. I do not provide support for customizing beyond the scope of the settings panel (i.e. custom CSS).
  • You can claim a refund on your purchase for up to 30 days after your purchase date if you decide you no longer want the product.

In case you want to dig a little deeper, here’s all the fine print! But I promise there’s nothing sneaky or hidden in here, I just go into a bit more detail.

The GPL license

Unless otherwise noted, all products are licensed under the GNU General Public License. This is the same license that WordPress itself uses.

License keys

Some products come with a license key, which you will receive in your purchase receipt. Your license key is what grants you access to free support and product updates. A license key is not required to use or activate the plugin or theme. It is only required to receive support via the ticket system and to have automatic updates delivered to you through WordPress.

Don’t give your license key to another person.

License keys are non-transferrable. This means they may not be passed on to a friend or another user. Your license key may only be activated and used on sites that you own and operate. Similarly, the license key holder is the only person entitled to support.

You can only use your license key on a certain number of sites.

Some products may come with different licensing options, such as “Single Site” or “2-5 Sites”. This number tells you how many sites you may use your license key on. Here’s a comparison between the two:

Single Site

  • You can install the product (unlicensed) on as many sites as you want.
  • You can only activate your license key on ONE site.
  • You will only receive automatic updates inside WordPress for the ONE site that has the active license key.
  • You only receive support for the ONE site that has the active license key.

2-5 Sites

  • You can install the product (unlicensed) on as many sites as you want.
  • You can activate your license key on up to FIVE sites.
  • You will receive automatic updates inside WordPress for up to FIVE sites that have the active license key.
  • You may receive support for up to FIVE sites that have the product installed (provided that you own and operate all sites).

In short, you can always use the product on as many sites as you want. Under the GPL license terms, there are no limits there.

The only limits are in how many sites you get automatic updates delivered to, and how many sites you get support for.

License keys expire, but you can renew them!

Unless otherwise stated, all license keys are valid for 12 months from the date you purchase. That means, when the 12 months are up you will no longer receive support or automatic updates. In order to continue receiving those, you need to renew your license key. You will be sent reminders about this and an opportunity to renew at a discount from the original price.


Support is given to customers through the email ticketing system. I do not provide telephone support or any other methods. If you send me a message via Twitter, or through any other platform, I may ask you to fill out a support ticket on my official platform.

If I cannot verify your purchase, I reserve the right to refuse support.

Verification can be made via:

  • Providing a valid, in-date license key that is issued to your name (providing someone else’s license key is not accepted).
  • Submitting your ticket using the same email address you made the purchase from.
  • Offering up a PayPal transaction ID.
  • Confirming billing information that matches my records.

If I am unable to verify your purchase then support may be declined.

Support is only given if you have a valid, in-date license key. If your license key is expired, you can renew it to continue receiving support.

Support is offered Monday through Friday (in other words, weekends are “me” time!)

My business hours are Monday through Friday, 11am to 6pm London UK time. Customers normally receive a response to their tickets within 24-48 business hours. Please do not expect a response on weekends or holidays.

There may be other times when support is closed during business hours, such as if I’m on holiday or out of town for a conference. Any absences or delays will be clearly noted on the “Submit a Ticket” page.

Let’s talk about the scope of support.

I love to help customers better understand and use my products. I’m here to help you install the product, set it up, understand it, and if you come across any bugs I’ll happily get those fixed.

But sadly, I’m not your personal assistant, developer on call, or WordPress sidekick. I do have to draw the line somewhere. 😉

I DO provide support for:

  • Installation and setup.
  • Answering questions about how to use the product.
  • Navigating the settings panel.
  • Fixing any features not working as expected.

I DO NOT provide support for:

  • Custom CSS.
  • Errors that may have occurred as a result of you editing the theme/plugin core files.
  • Modifications or tweaks outside of the settings panel.
  • Conflicts with third party plugins or themes.

Product Updates

Plugin and theme updates are delivered through the WordPress admin panel. In order to receive them, you must enter and activate your license key in the designated area. Your license key must also be valid and not expired.

I cannot guarantee automatic delivery of updates, but always strive to ensure that they are functioning.

Provided that you create an account at checkout, you can access the latest version of all your products in your “Purchase History” area.


All of the Nose Graze products come without any warranty. I cannot guarantee that products will work in all browsers (particularly old/outdated ones), or with all versions of WordPress. I cannot guarantee compatibility with third party plugins, scripts, or applications.

Nose Graze products are designed to work best with the latest version of WordPress and in modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Personal Information

When you make a purchase from Nose Graze, I will collect and store some of your personal details, including name, email address, web address, and billing address. This is for my personal records and for taxes (EU VAT returns) only. This information will not be shared or distributed to third parties for any other purpose besides taxes or legal matters (such as charge back cases). I do not store any credit card information.


All purchases come with a 30 day guarantee, which means you have 30 days from the time of purchase to request a refund if you no longer want to use the product and one will be provided to you. The refund will be processed in the same way that the purchase was made (i.e. If paid by credit card, your credit card will be refunded. If paid by PayPal, the refund will be issued via PayPal).

When your refund is processed, your license key will be disabled and invalidated. You will no longer receive automatic updates or support.

Note: Refunds are not given if you still intend to use the product. Sales or coupons cannot be applied retroactively, so partial refunds will not be given if you miss out on a sale or coupon code.


If you need to get in touch with me, you may do so using the following methods:

Unit 44125
PO Box 26965
G1 9BW
United Kingdom

(+44) 203-286-6734


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