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Manage a library of books, track your reading progress, write book reviews, host a public review archive, and get analytics about your data.

You receive support and updates for 1 year with the option of renewing.
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  • Version: 1.3.2
  • Last Updated: 1 year ago


This product will ONLY work on self-hosted WordPress websites. It will not work on Blogger or on the free platform.

  • PHP: 7.0

Book Database allows you to build a personal database of books and reading logs directly on your WordPress site. You can also display book information in blog posts and host a public archive of all your reviews.

Add books to your personal library

Form for adding a book to your library

Manage your library, with both list and calendar views

Book list view Book calendar view

Keep track of editions you own

Owned editions of books

Read books, re-read books, & log your ratings

Each time you read a book you can enter the date you started, the date you finished, and how far through the book you got. Optionally you can also set a rating. This will help contribute towards your reading analytics (more on that in a minute!).

Table of dates you read a book

Review books

After reading a book you are given the option to add a review. Reviews can either be added to blog posts on your WordPress site, or you can enter an external URL (such as a link to your Goodreads review).

Add a book review

If your review is added to a blog post, you can use the [book] shortcode to display the book information.

Shortcode showing book information

Display a searchable archive of all your book reviews

Book Database comes with a [book-reviews] shortcode, which allows you to display a searchable / filterable archive of all your book reviews on your site.

Searchable & filterable archive of book reviews

See your reading & review analytics

Book Database analytics overview

How is this different from Ultimate Book Blogger? Which one should I choose?

There is admittedly a lot of crossover between Ultimate Book Blogger and Book Database. Some of the differences are more subtle.

In short, Ultimate Book Blogger is geared towards book bloggers and all the features a book blogger might have on their site. It has a lot more settings and more niche options like support for book giveaways and blog tours. It’s also a very public plugin—geared towards people who want to publicly publish reviews and associated content.

Book Database has a larger focus on maintaining a personal library of books and keeping track of your reading statistics. Its calendar view also provides a great way to keep up with upcoming releases. Book Database can be beneficial to people who have no interest in publishing public content; you can simply use it to track your reading progress and books you own and/or are generally interested in.

Feature Book Database Ultimate Book Blogger
Book storage Books are stored in their own database in a dedicated admin menu. Books are stored directly with posts.
Log owned editions Supported Not supported
Log books read Supported Not supported
Reading & reviewing analytics Supported Not supported
Embed book information in posts Supported Supported
Public review archives Supported — one archive with filtering options Supported — multiple different archive types available
Fetch information from Goodreads Not supported Supported
Blog tour support Not supported Supported
Giveaway support Not supported Supported
Related content feature Not supported Supported
Book author bios Not supported Supported
Public Widgets Not supported Supported

Are you ready to build your own virtual library?

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  • Lifetime access to the written instructions.
  • Automatic updates inside WordPress for 12 months (with the option of renewing).
  • Support from me for 12 months if you need help setting it up or have any problems (with the option of renewing).
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