UBB Rating Report Add-On

UBB Rating Report Add-On

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Set criteria for ratings

Rating report settings panel

You can create different rating categories and set the titles for each of them. Then you can set different ratings for each category when writing your book review.

The settings panel allows you to switch between number ratings and your own UBB star rating graphics.

Generate a table with all your ratings

The simple [rating-report] shortcode allows you to display a table of all your ratings for each category.

Rating report table showing ratings for each category and an overall rating of 5/5

All your ratings transfer over!

Want to migrate from the original Rating Report plugin? No problem! This add-on will import all of your ratings from the original plugin (provided they’re inputted in the same order). It also uses the exact same [rating-report] shortcode so it will still appear on all your old posts!

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This add-on requires at least version 3.0.3 of the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin.

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