UBB Review Requests Add-On

UBB Review Requests Add-On

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Front-end fields that auto-complete

Several of the front-end submission fields will auto-complete with authors, publishers, and series that you’ve already submitted into the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin. So as the user types, they will be prompted with suggestions.

Author auto-complete field

Configure your own form

Configure your own form fields

You can pick and choose which fields show up on the submission form. You can drag, drop, rearrange, and remove fields.

Manage submissions

When someone presses “submit” on the form, their entry gets stored in a new “Review Requests” tab in your WordPress admin panel. You can easily view, manage, edit, and delete review requests, just like posts.

Manage Submissions

Admin-side tools just for you

Your review request tools

When you edit a review request, you have a few tools at your disposal. You can assign reviewers to a book (great for co-bloggers!), copy the submission to a new post draft (transferring over all UBB data), and even email the requester.

Free support & updates for 12 months

This add-on comes with free support (for one site) and updates (for one site) for 12 months from the date of purchase. After that, you’ll have the option of renewing for an additional 12 months if you choose. Whether you renew or not, you’ll have lifetime access to the plugin.

Buy Now ($9.99)

Note: The form in this plugin does require that the user have JavaScript enabled. Most real people on the internet do have it enabled.
This add-on requires 3.0.8+ of the Ultimate Book Blogger plugin.

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