UBB Icon Tags Add-On UBB Icon Tags Add-On
Categorise your book reviews by tag and upload an image to visually represent each one.
UBB Add-On Bundle UBB Add-On Bundle
Buy Now ($27) This bundle includes some of the most popular UBB add-ons for a discounted price! L...
UBB Series Rating Add-On UBB Series Rating Add-On
Add and display a rating for an entire series.
UBB Translators Add-On UBB Translators Add-On
Adds a new box where you can enter the name of the person who translated the book.
UBB Flame Ratings Add-On UBB Flame Ratings Add-On
Adds a second rating system for flames where you can judge how risqué a book is. Requires ...
UBB Review Submissions Add-On UBB Review Submissions Add-On
Accept guest reviews from the front-end of your site.
UBB Review to Goodreads Add-On UBB Review to Goodreads Add-On
This add-on allows you to automatically send your WordPress book reviews and ratings to Goodreads...
UBB Review Requests Add-On UBB Review Requests Add-On
This add-on creates a front-end form for authors and publishers to submit review requests. You ca...
UBB Rating Report Add-On UBB Rating Report Add-On
A simple extension to the UBB plugin, which allows you to break down your rating according to dif...
UBB Reading Challenge Add-On UBB Reading Challenge Add-On
This plugin will keep track of your reading challenge progress for you! You can set a goal number...

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